[Quick Story] Vibrant Healthy Energy Drink….

[Quick Story] Vibrant Healthy Energy Drink….


Let Me Ask You a Private Question………

What if I could hand you one delicious natural berry flavored drink that triggers a dose of instant energy… youthful strength… and a massive surge of brainpower?

It will be like celebrating birthdays in REVERSE!

Our breakthrough new formula, VIBRANT ENERGY DRINK, can easily shave 5, 10, even 15 years off how you feel, no matter what your physical age……In both body AND mind.

Just think of the possibilities…

Your grand kids will be surprised — and absolutely delighted — to see you at the center of the action once again. You’ll chase them around the living room — and you’ll catch them, too. Wouldn’t that make everyone smile?

Imagine going from feeling over-the-hill at 58 — to waking up feeling like a sprightly 45-year-old again.

Or picture yourself going from a grouchy 70-year-old — to looking and feeling a full decade or two younger.

You’ll go from “dead on your feet” to supercharged and loving life again.


My rock-solid guarantee to YOU:

Within 1-3 days you’ll notice:
✓ Sharper memory and clearer thinking
✓ Improved energy and stamina all day
✓ Fewer mood swings and greater well-being
✓ Better sleep so you wake up refreshed
✓ A stronger immune system to avoid illness
✓ Protection for your heart, vision and hearing

Shield Your Mind Like Fort Knox………..

With a 25-Foot Iron Fence — So Nothing Escapes
Everyone has a few precious items worth protecting at all cost.

You have house insurance… car insurance… even life insurance to make sure your loved ones are protected no matter what.

Well, what about your brain?

If you’re like me, your mind is the most valuable thing you have.

Because of the ingredients, like being loaded with B Vitamins as well as antioxidants, and ingredients that cross the blood brain barrier, VIBRANT is the best brain boost you can buy — at any price!

This “Little Pink Drink” will sharpen your mind — putting your mental clock in reverse, so you can remember names, finish crossword puzzles and find those house keys you thought were gone forever.

Another major benefit, is having enough B Vitamins, especially
B-12 in your body, is to help to reduce levels of the toxic stress hormone homocysteine. Not only does lowering homocysteine levels make you feel less stressed, studies have shown that it also confers protection for your heart, bones, vision and hearing.


“According to the American Psychological Association, chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. And more than 75% of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.”

Keep in mind that homocysteine is known to cause damage to the inside of blood vessels and arteries, making elevated levels a serious risk factor for contributing to heart disease.

Sounds like VIBRANT is a nice safety blanket for many of your vital organs, right?

Let me add two more. Your eyes and ears…

Harvard researchers found a 34% decreased risk of vision loss and improved retinal blood vessel function for study participants aged 40 and older who supplement with Vitamin B-12.

Another study found low blood levels of vitamin B-12 are linked to a higher risk of hearing loss in subjects in their 60’s. Researchers think homocysteine may damage the delicate cells that transmit sound waves in your inner ear.

Pretty impressive evidence, if you ask me.

The icing on the cake?

You’ll make it through the day without feeling wiped out and exhausted.

Discover the Under-the-Tongue Secret

So why are so many Americans Energy deficient? Especially older adults?

It has very little to do with your level of vitamin intake. Rather, the culprit is your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from food.

As you get older, the lining of your stomach gradually loses its ability to produce hydrochloric acid, which you need to absorb vitamins, especially vitamin B-12 from food. The use of certain drugs can also lower your stomach acid secretion, further hampering B-12 absorption.

This is why VIBRANT ENERGY DRINK and its nutrients, like our highly absorbed B-12, starts to go to work the minute you take a drink by sublingual (under-the-tongue) delivery system is so important. It ensures the nutrients starts to get directly into your bloodstream, even before getting to your digestive tract.

That’s why I DON’T want you going into your local supermarket to pick up just any old energy drink. You’ll be wasting your hard-earned money.

Still On The Fence? Try VIBRANT Risk Free

Look, if you read this far, I know you’re interested in rescuing your body and mind from the ravages of time.

So let me make accepting this special offer for VIBRANT a no-brainer…

I’m going to give you a valuable form of insurance in the form of A ROCK SOLID-Guarantee:

1. Take 60 DAYS to try VIBRANT yourself. I fully expect you’ll see gratifying results actually within the first 48 hours. If you’re not 100% convinced that VIBRANT is doing what I promised to boost your mental alertness… replenish your energy levels…… we’ll refund your purchase price. Right then and there. No ifs, ands, or buts.

How’s that for a square deal? I am 100% committed to helping you RESCUE YOUR HEALTH — beginning right now!

Find out how good it feels to reclaim your Youthful Brain… and take back control of your own health!  Click on the Image below and scroll down on the site till you get to Vibrant Energy….

Vibrant - product website

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Original post by Randy Steen


To Your SuperCharged Energy,

Ed Mayer
Owner/CEO – Ed Mayer Marketing

Ed & Lisa Mayer

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