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Let me start off by telling you about my Experience…

Back in 2007 I was working at a beautiful resort Hotel valet parking cars.  Even though I loved my JOB, I knew it was Not going to get me to level of Success I wanted for my family.

So what did I do?  More than likely the same thing you are doing right now.  Got online and started looking for a way to Make Money online and from the comfort of my own home.

I had seen an ad promoting a Healthy Energy drink..  BOOM !  Opted in to receive a FREE sample.  The sample came, I drank it, and BANG.. it Worked.  Jumping up and down thinking “OMG – I hit the Motherload”..  We are going to be rich.  Have you ever had that feeling?

So I call the person that sent me the sample and said “I’m In – I Love this”..  What do I have to do next?

Here is where it gets Interesting….

First I had to go to their website and Sign Up.. which cost money.  Then I had to place an Order, and of course, they suggest you buy the Biggest pack to position yourself Higher(very costly), then after that is done, I had to go into my back office and place a Monthly Autoship order.  This had to be done in order for me to be qualified to EARN commissions.  To be honest, at the time, I thought this was ok.  Boy o Boy have I learned ALOT since then.

Let’s say you are a Car salesman.  You sell a car…  the owner of the car lot doesn’t come up to you and say, hey so and so, great job selling a car… now in order for you to collect your commission, you have to first buy a car yourself…  NO.. that is Ridiculous, right?

So Why should you have to PAY to Join a company, to sell their products and make them money.  Why should you have to be on a Monthly Autoship just be Qualified to earn commissions on what YOU sell.  It is important to USE the products you are selling, for a number of reasons, but the biggest is so that you can Create a Story, a Testimonial…  see Facts Tell – Stories Sell!  But, you Do Not have to buy Any product in order to get paid commissions for what you sell… REFRESHING !!

Here at Basic Reset ….

*NO Sign Up Fee
*NO Monthly Autoship
*NO purchase Required to Earn Commissions

Now I need to be Perfectly clear.  This is a Business and in order to Make it Work..  You have to WORK !!


Healthy Product Company.

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To Your Success,

Ed Mayer
CEO/Owner at Ed Mayer Marketing

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